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Suffolk FA Benevolent Fund

The Suffolk FA Benevolent Fund assists injured Youth and Adult players and officials in necessitous circumstances.

This is not an insurance scheme, grants will only be made where it is evident that there has been financial hardship during a period of incapacity and the club has contributed during the current or preceding season. 

Clubs must assist a player financially before any claim will be considered, and medical proof must accompany a claim when a player has been off work due to their injury.

Clubs are requested to strongly advise any player who is self-employed to take out Personal Accident Cover.

If your club has not made a donation but wishes to do so, a cheque made payable to Suffolk FA should be sent to Suffolk FA, Bill Steward House, The Buntings, Stowmarket, Suffolk, IP14 5GZ.

There is also a Benevolent Fund run by The FA. The application form for this should be completed and sent to Suffolk FA who will then forward it on to The FA.

This form and the Suffolk FA Benevolent Fund forms can be downloaded from the documents below.

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