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Help is available to buy a defibrillator

FINANCIAL help is available to football clubs to purchase a public access defibrillator.

FINANCIAL help is available to football clubs to purchase a public access defibrillator.

London Hearts, a leading defibrillator charity, is making grants of £300 available towards the cost of a defibrillator.

Football clubs are among those who are eligible for funding, which also includes sports clubs, schools, parish councils and individuals who are fundraising for a public access defibrillator in their area.

The scheme assists those listed above to obtain an internal / portable dual functioning defibrillator for around just £660.

The aim of this scheme is to generally increase the numbers of life-saving defibrillators in order to improve survival rates from out of hospital cardiac arrests.

There are over 50,000 out of hospital cardiac arrests each year in the UK, but less than one in ten people will survive. Every minute without CPR and defibrillation after a cardiac arrest can reduce the chance of survival by up to 10 per cent.

Quick CPR and defibrillation are the only chance of saving someone’s life. If a Defibrillator is applied to the patient within the first 3-5 mins, then the chances of survival increase from 6% to over 70%.
The London Hearts Trustee states: “Every defibrillator has the power to save a person’s life, as a charity we are thrilled to assist as many people as possible throughout the UK to obtain a Defibrillator. There are simply not enough defibrillators. Everyone should have access to these life saving devices. Our mission is to make sure everyone is never more than 200 meters from one at any time.”

To be eligible for this scheme you simply must be:


• Within the UK

• Be committed to promoting London Hearts free online CPR/Defibrillator training with the resources provided.

• We also request you provide us with a photograph of the Defibrillator with person/-s present which we can then include on our social media ‘Every Second Counts’ to help continue raising awareness.

• Responsible for ongoing maintenance


The Scheme is being run on a first come first served basis until all units have been claimed.

Suffolk FA Chief Executive Richard Neal said: “In April, we published an article on the Suffolk FA website highlighting the importance of having swift access to a working defibrillator.

This scheme helps clubs ensure they have a defibrillator onsite in case a situation arises where Every Second Counts.”

To register your interest click below.



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