Silent Support Weekend Feb 2024

Silent Support Weekend is back

SILENT Support Weekend is back - and it's time to get involved!

SILENT Support Weekend is back - and it's time to get involved!

On March 2nd & 3rd 2024 it’s the National Silent Support Weekend and we’re asking your club to be part of the movement.


What is Silent Support?

Silent support means players and coaches can focus on the game, not the noise.

By asking spectators on the sidelines to show support through applause only, we’re creating a space where players have the freedom to own their game.


This weekend is…

For players. The game is different when you’re in it.

Your players are here for the applause, not the shouting. Action not distraction. Silent support gives them the opportunity to trust their instincts and learn for themselves.

For coaches. Coaches deserve a safe space to champion their players away from interruptions.

This weekend gives coaches the chance to see their players work in a completely different way.


For spectators. When spectators stand back, the game moves forward. The players have more freedom, and the play becomes more exciting to watch.

The last few Silent Support Weekends have shown better communication on the pitch, and behaviour has improved off the pitch.

Without sideline influence, players can explore tactics, discover areas of weakness, and develop critical thinking. 

And here’s what young players had to say about past weekends:


“I think as a team we don’t really talk enough. We got a bit better in the second half but it’s something I think we need to work on.”

U15s player


“I play better, when nobody shouts at me.”

U9s player


“It can get confusing when lots of people are telling you what to do.”

U14s player


Ask your teams to take part in Silent Support. On March 2nd & 3rd, let the play speak for itself.

Clubs should contact their leagues for further information.

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