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Red Gables Garden Project

RED Gables Garden Project is Stowupland Falcons' charity for the Champions Charity Shield.

RED Gables Garden Project is the chosen charity of Stowupland Falcons FC for the Suffolk Champions Charity Shield.

Stowupland Falcons, winners of the 2021-22 Parkers Pitches Suffolk Junior Cup, face McDonald’s Suffolk Primary Cup winners Bardwell Sports in the Suffolk Champions Charity Shield match at the Atalian Servest Stadium, home of Bury Town FC, on Saturday, August 6th, kick-off 2.30pm.

Anyone purchasing a ticket online for the match will be supporting the charity of their choice.

To purchase a ticket for the match click here

Community Engagement Manager Colin Lay, who has facilitated the Garden Project for the last 10 years, explains the charity’s work. 


First of all tell us about the work undertaken by your charity?

Red Gables is a Wellbeing Hub for the whole community. As well as providing meeting and activity space for organisations, clubs and businesses, we actively promote services that help deliver better health and wellbeing for everyone.


Now in its 10th year the Red Gables Garden Project has a group of 15 hard-working volunteers and supports individuals with mental health and learning difficulties. 

Red Gables creates an environment for the volunteers to develop their skills at their own pace; it also offers an opportunity for the volunteers to build teamwork skills and to develop knowledge and an understanding of growing sustainable food within the garden grounds.

The project provides opportunities to develop confidence, social skills and general wellbeing; it promotes exercise and enables volunteers to understand the importance of healthy food.

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Volunteers are pictured looking around the gardens at Helmingham Hall on a recent trip. Main photograph: Three of the volunteers pictured inside a greenhouse.


Where is your charity based?


Stowmarket, Suffolk.



How many people work for your charity – full-time staff, if any, and also the number of volunteers?


Red Gables employs four office staff and has 37 volunteers and a trustee board. 


Have you linked with Stowupland Falcons FC in the past?





If you have, how and why did you do so and, if not, why have the club chosen you to be their charity?


Stowupland Falcons have supported Red Gables in the past by providing a BBQ for us as part of the Stowmarket Food and Drink Festival. Without their support, we would not have been able to raise over £500 at the event.

Stowupland Falcons approached us, as they wanted to support a charity, which provides mental health support and encourages individuals to exercise and enjoy the natural environment.

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Part of the garden at the garden at the Red Gables Garden Project.


How will being the club’s chosen charity help you?


The grounds at Red Gables are managed by the Red Gables Garden Project and are accessible to the public. Any money raised from being Stowupland Falcons’ chosen charity will help to enhance the gardens and provide opportunities for individuals to learn about horticulture. With an ever-changing climate, the group are continuously learning new skills to adapt.



If anyone wishes to find out more about your charity where can they do so?


Either through our Facebook pages ‘Red Gables Garden Project’ and ‘Red Gables’ or via our website:



Finally, if anyone wishes to help support your charity who should they contact and how?


Our Community Engagement Manager Colin Lay facilitates the Garden Project. Colin can be contacted on 01449 673947 or via email:

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