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2021-22 affiliation details announced

AFFILIATION details for the 2021-22 season have been announced by Suffolk FA.

AFFILIATION details for the 2021-22 season have been announced by Suffolk FA.

The 2021-22 affiliation window will open from Monday, May 10th 2021.

Suffolk FA Chief Executive Richard Neal said: “We recognise that for many the 2020-21 season will still be ongoing, and the new season may not even be on the radar.

“There is no obligation to start on this date, but by opening the affiliation window as early as possible we hope anyone who wishes to begin working through the process can do so.”


Club Affiliation

The prices for club affiliation are outlined below:





Charter Standard Club – Reaffiliation


FREE (100% subsidy from Suffolk FA)

FREE (100% subsidy from Suffolk FA)

Non-Charter Standard Club – Reaffiliation


£30 (50% subsidy from Suffolk FA)

£15 (75% subsidy from Suffolk FA)

New Club Affiliation


£60 (prize frozen)

£60 (price frozen)

Per team fee


£2 (price frozen)

£2 (price frozen)


Payment Deadline

As for the 2020-21 season, to help with cashflow Suffolk FA will be offering an extended deadline of September 30th 2021 to settle affiliation and insurance invoices, but providing clubs with an affiliation number once they have satisfied all other requirements to allow them to play and be insured.


Benevolent Fund

The ability to contribute to the Suffolk FA Benevolent Fund, which provides opportunity for contributors to apply for financial support on behalf of any youth or adult player experiencing a loss of income as a result of an injury incurred whilst playing, will again be built into the affiliation process.

In the few months that have been played of the 2020-21 season Suffolk FA have seen a far greater number of significant injuries than usual, likely contributed by the periods of lockdown, and payouts have totally nearly £6,000 to date.

Successful award from the Suffolk FA Benevolent Fund provides a pathway to further application to The FA Benevolent Fund.

Suffolk FA are also exploring a continuation of the Safe Youth Eyewear Fund, which is linked to the Suffolk FA Benevolent Fund, and will make an announcement in due course.

Richard added: “Every individual and organisation has been affected in some way by the circumstances experienced over the past two seasons.

“Those challenges are set to continue over the next twelve months at least, included financially with sponsorships, fundraising and personal finances all jeopardised.

“The Suffolk FA Board have been able to offer the above subsidies on affiliation costs, alongside the insurance subsidies already communicated, by utilising support from Sport England through The FA, and we hope this total investment of c£16,000 further demonstrates our continued determination to helping the local game recover as quickly and fully as possible.

“We have already financially supported three clubs during the 2020-21 season to ensure they can continue, as well as supporting applicable clubs access funds through other means.

“If your club is facing financial problems which jeopardise the future of the club, please get in touch with a member of the Suffolk FA team.”

Further information detailing the affiliation process will be issued ahead of May 10th.

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