12th Man partnership July 2021

New partnership with 12th Man

SUFFOLK FA and 12th Man have formed a new partnership.

SUFFOLK FA and 12th Man have formed a new partnership.

The partnership will provide the Suffolk football community with the opportunity to access a form of Mental Health First Aid training. This is available free of charge by clicking here

Physical first aid requirements have been part of football for a long time, with emergency aid and first aid courses prevalent in the game and mandatory for junior football.

But despite greater awareness of mental wellbeing, no formal training is required – mental wellbeing, especially poor mental wellbeing, is still seen as a difficult, taboo subject within football and indeed wider society.

Suffolk FA and 12th Man have partnered to help tackle the stigma around mental health, and to offer unconditional support when it’s needed most.

Whilst the issue spans ages and genders, the stats indicate the taboo is particularly worrying in males; 75% of all suicides in the UK are men. 73% of people who ‘go missing’ are men. Suicide is the single biggest killer of men under 45 years old in the UK.

Suffolk FA Chief Executive Richard Neal said: “By partnering with 12th Man and providing the training opportunities available, we want to ensure supportive environments and networks are in place well before any crisis point is reached, creating confidence to talk about mental health more openly, more often and without stigma or prejudice to prevent mild mental health problems becoming more severe.”

Two training options are available:

Mental Health First Aid Awareness (4 hours, online)
This half-day introduction session raises awareness of mental health and provides basic knowledge about common mental health problems. It will improve understanding of mental health and how to challenge stigma, and give you more confidence to support someone. You will also spend time exploring ways to maintain and improve your own wellbeing.


Mental Health First Aid (4x 2hr sessions, online)
This course qualifies you as an Adult Mental Health First Aider by providing in-depth knowledge about common mental health problems and the factors and triggers that can lead to poor wellbeing. It will give you the confidence to support people in crisis and will enhance skills such as non-judgmental listening. You will also explore how to support people through recovery, and spend time exploring ways to maintain and improve your own wellbeing.


Either or both of the courses can be taken.

Whilst it would be relevant for coaches of any teams to attend, and indeed any Club Welfare Officers and other officials within clubs, please book in the knowledge that the course material especially within the 4 x 2 hour course can be hard-hitting, referencing serious matters which may cause distress.

Needham Market FC have already worked with 12th Man and details can be found by clicking here

Attached below are a leaflet and brochure which details more about the 12th Man campaign, and examples of banners which can be sourced to indicate your club’s support for the campaign.

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