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Maintenance of 3G pitch in safe hands

NEEDHAM Market FC say their 3G pitch is in ‘safe hands’ with Replay Maintenance.

NEEDHAM Market FC say their 3G pitch is in ‘safe hands’ with Replay Maintenance.

Suffolk FA are once again partnering with Replay Maintenance for the 2021-22 season.

Replay Maintenance have been servicing the 3G pitch at Bloomfields for the past two years.

The pitch was installed by SIS, who then had the original contract to maintain the pitch, which cost £800,000.

Robert Peace, Academy and Operations Director at Needham Market FC, said: “At the end of the second year we were open to exploring different options.

“We had heard about Replay Maintenance and so contacted them. They came and did a site visit to assess the quality of the pitch and gave us feedback which was positive.

“From that they then gave us a quote with different options on a maintenance agreement with them.

“We decided to take the option up and one of the added benefits was that they would also help with preparing the pitch for the FIFA testing of the pitch quality which includes ball roll, bounce and shock absorbency tests across the surface.”

Robert said that the pitch, which is used daily by the club’s 70 Academy players as well as being hired out, is in use for around 40 hours per week.

He continued: “The fact that Replay Maintenance are associated with Suffolk FA was reassuring about their reputation plus we also get a discounted rate through being affiliated to Suffolk FA.

“We have been very pleased with the service we have received. They have kept to the dates agreed and maintained the quality of the pitch.

“The Passport365 platform they use is very simple, user-friendly and their customer service has been very good.

“As a maintenance provider they have also assisted our grounds staff with their knowledge in how to maintain the quality of the pitch.

“My job is to ensure the longevity of the pitch and I know it is in safe hands.”

The agreement between Suffolk FA and Replay Maintenance offers all artificial sports pitch operators in the county a free ‘health check’ and report back on their pitch.

Artificial sports pitch operators also receive a 10 per cent discount off their annual service agreement.

Replay Maintenance also undertake to provide ‘added value services’ to 3G pitch operators as part of their three-yearly FA Test cost (currently £1,300 + VAT) when organised and ordered through Replay Maintenance with their FA certified pitch testing partner.

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Robert Peace, Academy and Operations Director at Needham Market FC, on the 3G pitch at Needham Market FC

Nick Harris, managing director of Replay Maintenance, said: “We have been a partner of Suffolk FA for the last few years helping to sponsor the Walking Football programme and support the provision and guidance for the maintenance of artificial sports pitches throughout the county.

“As part of our partnership, we were introduced to Robert at Needham Market FC and were very pleased to be awarded the maintenance contract for their fantastic 3G pitch. The facilities and pitch are an obvious credit to the hard work of Robert and his team at the club.

“They recognised quickly the importance of ensuring the pitch is correctly maintained and that this is best done as a collaborative effort with both their in-house ground staff carrying out the daily and weekly routine works with ourselves visiting every three months to complete the more specialist decompaction and deep cleaning.

“All of this work is logged and recorded via our unique Passport365 software ensuring a full historical audit of maintenance activity is available to view at any time.

“This structured approach helps to safeguard the club’s investment in the pitch whilst maximising its performance, longevity and, importantly, player satisfaction.

“We are very excited to continue to work with Needham Market FC, and other clubs throughout Suffolk to help ensure they achieve the same goals with their 3G pitches. The best start point for this is via our free initial pitch ‘Health Check’ which we are happy to offer to all clubs and facilities throughout the county.”

To contact Replay Maintenance please call 01636 640506 or email

To visit the Replay Maintenance website click here

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