Women's League unveils branding

THE Eastern Region Women’s Football League has unveiled its new branding.

THE Eastern Region Women’s Football League has unveiled its new branding.

This is a positive step in the right direction as they continue to modernise the women’s league to be able to meet the needs of the clubs, players, and wider audience.

The Eastern Region Women’s Football League is currently the springboard to the Women’s National League.

Combining teams from seven counties, including Suffolk, the league currently sits at tiers 5 and 6 of the women’s football pyramid.

It was vital to the league that, as they represent teams from across the different counties, each had their representation as a part of the logo.

Within the new logo they have included the region outline which is instantly recognisable to anyone from the East of England, as well as communicating the size of the region.

The stars within the logo represent the number of counties within their league structure which are Cambridgeshire, Essex, Suffolk, Bedfordshire, Norfolk, Huntingdonshire, and Hertfordshire.

The diagonal stripes represent the forward movement, direction and improvement the league is constantly moving towards.

Finally the 'unified by pride' slogan they believe typifies what the league are trying to achieve, with everyone working together to achieve the goals of improving the female game within the region. They believe when they continually manage to achieve these goals everyone collectively shares great pride.

The Eastern Region Women’s Football League are really excited by this movement and believe this, alongside a change in their social media and marketing strategy, will support the continuous improvement of the league as they strive to improve the female game and the experience for all clubs, teams and participants within it.

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