Secure Check-In launch Aug 2020

Secure Check-In scheme launched

SUFFOLK FA have teamed up with Secure Check-In to help clubs stay safe.

SUFFOLK FA have teamed up with Secure Check-In to help clubs stay safe.

With track and trace a key consideration in the return of football, Suffolk FA have sought a solution which prevents clubs having to safely and securely keep, store and ultimately destroy their own records in accordance with NHS track and trace requirements.

Secure Check-In, built by a local Suffolk company, provides a potential solution by supplying each setting with a unique location code which each individual inputs when checking in to that location.

Suffolk FA Chief Executive Richard Neal said: “With many volunteer clubs and establishments simply planning to have an unsecure register on a table, or asking a volunteer (in many cases with vulnerabilities themselves) to collect the names of all participants and spectators, we were looking for an affordable technology solution which took these liabilities and concerns away from club officials and made it the responsibly of each individual attending that match or training session to do it themselves.

“A club can have multiple locations if they train and play across multiple sites. QR codes for specific locations can even link you direct to the site without the need to input a location code.

“The system then asks for the mandatory personal information in accordance with NHS policy - name and phone number only and not any other personal information like address or email.

“The system stores this for 21 days, automatically deleting all records after this time, with a report possible at any point via the club’s dashboard should this be required for the NHS track and trace system.

“The club does not have to collect the information, store the records or discard of the records, or keep up-to-date with any changes in the track and trace policy so it takes away a lot of the potential requirements on the largely volunteer workforce.

“The system was initially developed for pubs, bars and the hospitality sector, but its benefit and need amongst local football and sport was quickly recognised as one of the developers is a Suffolk referee.”

Suffolk FA and Secure Check-In have teamed up to offer clubs a significant discounted rate of £20 per month or £200 for a year.

Clubs can sign-up by clicking here

The discount code for Suffolk football clubs is SUFFOLKFA.

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