Jourdan Kiwomya New Youth Council Chair July 2018

Jourdan to become Youth Council Chair

JOURDAN Kiwomya is the new Chair of Suffolk FA Youth Council.

JOURDAN Kiwomya is the new Chair of Suffolk FA Youth Council.

The 21-year-old (pictured above) replaces Chay Hathway, who stepped down last week, as the new Chair ahead of the 2018-19 season.

Jourdan, who previously worked for Suffolk FA before moving to The FA to become the League & Club Services Apprentice in October 2017, sat on the Youth Council last season.

He said: “I’m a Suffolk boy through and through, live in the county, play in the county and worked for the county so to be offered the role as chairman means a lot to me.

“It’s a great opportunity to have a real impact in the county, not just on the pitch but on all young people involved in the game.

“After a positive meeting with several board members and the CEO of the County FA, we’re all looking to challenge how young people and adults work in partnership. It’s great to have their support and also that of our sponsors Richard and Jenny Bugg.

“We’ve currently got a great team and have done some really positive work in the community which has laid the foundations for us to build upon over the coming years.

“In previous years the Youth Council have delivered great events and engaged with a large amount of young people but these events have been sporadic; one thing myself and the team will be looking to do is create our own strategy which will allow us to achieve our ambitions but also to support the new County FA strategy and provide consistent opportunities for people to develop.

“Joining the Youth Council last year has really accelerated my development as it provided me the opportunity to lead people, work on my delivery and provided the opportunity to showcase myself to national members of staff.”

Suffolk FA Youth Council Co-ordinator James Morley said: “I am really pleased to announce that Jourdan Kiwomya has accepted to become the new Chair of the Youth Council.

“I have known Jourdan for the past two years now and have seen his personal development over this time period where he has become a stand-out young leader in Suffolk and the country which is evident from the successes he has experienced in his early career.

“I know Jourdan will be a great figurehead for Youth leadership in Suffolk and helping to develop opportunities for Young Leaders through Suffolk FA and football.”

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