Wots Up sponsorship launch Dec 2018

Wot's Up to sponsor iCan programme

SUFFOLK FA have agreed a three-year sponsorship deal with Ipswich-based Wot’s Up.

SUFFOLK FA have agreed a three-year sponsorship deal with Ipswich-based Wot’s Up.

Under the agreement Wot’s Up will sponsor the iCan Football programme organised by Suffolk FA until the end of the 2020-21 football season.

The inclusive programme strives to provide footballing opportunities for people in Suffolk of all abilities, especially targeted to those with physical, mental or learning impairments and long-term health conditions.

Wot’s Up is a new venture based at The Meeting Place in Ipswich which arranges social and learning activities for people with learning disabilities aged 18 upwards. 

It is an all-inclusive service which firmly believes in promoting and recognising the achievements of all who participate.

Margaret Fortune, Director of Wot’s Up, said: “Wot’s Up has identified what football means to those who want to take part and what it gives to those as individuals and teams.

“Wots up supports and encourages all to participate with freedom and confidence as well as to embrace and respect all disability, ability and skill as well as their team mates and opponents.

“We believe it’s all about taking the opportunity and getting as much out of it as possible, sponsoring the league will hopefully give it a stable future, longevity, a continued purpose and a permanent place in the football calendar so all who participate can plan, prepare and look forward to something important to them.”

Suffolk FA Inclusive Football Development Officer Kirsty Smith said: “The sponsorship Wots Up are providing means that the league now has a stable and exciting future.

“The league is growing every season and we now have the financial capacity to fully integrate those teams without having to comprise the standard, quality or amount of football each team gets to play.

“The money will go towards paying for the venue and pitch markings, whilst also enabling us to provide trophies and certificates to reward all participants’ efforts and give them something to aspire to and adds extra motivation.

“We want every player, no matter their disability, to be able to play football within Suffolk and this funding has guaranteed this provision will continue and help create a positive environment for all involved.”

Pictured above at the launch are Suffolk FA Inclusive Football Development Officer Kirsty Smith (far left) and Wot’s Up Director Margaret Fortune (far right) with players who participate in the iCan Football programme.

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