Pitch Improvement Fund

Pitch Improvement Fund

The need for a Pitch Improvement Programme is more relevant now than ever, given the current economic times and the pressures facing grassroots football.

The recent FA grassroots survey has again highlighted that football pitch quality is affecting participation and in anticipation of this and the current economic climate affecting local authority pitch maintenance, The FA Facilities & Investment Team has been working in partnership with the industry to develop a Grass Pitch Maintenance service that can be utilised by grassroots football clubs with the simple aim of improving the quality of grass pitches.

The key principle behind the Pitch Improvement Programme is to provide football clubs/site providers with advice/practical solutions on a number of areas and discounts on machinery and materials to support, improving the club’s playing surface.

Programme Process
1. Club submits PIP Expression of Interest Form (EOI), see downloadable document below
2. EOI reviewed by CFA with a visit organised and coordinated with the club and the IOG Regional Pitch Advisor (RPA)
3. Site visit carried by RPA or local County Pitch Advisor (CPA), with potentially CFA attendance
4. Report produced by Pitch Advisor with a copy sent to club, CFA and The FA Regional Facilities & Investment Manager (RFIM)
5. Club review and discusses recommendations with CFA and RFIM with the relevant actions taken
6. A revisit is agreed with Pitch Advisor, CFA and Club with a report produced

Cost & Payment
The cost for the visit and report will be £100 plus VAT, which is to be paid in advance of the site visit.

As part of the programme The FA has secured two commercial partners to support the roll-out and growth in line with the companies aspirations. The two partners are:

Redexim Charterhouse Limited – Official Machinery Supplier to The FA Pitch Improvement Programme

Rigby Taylor Limited – Official Consumables Supplier to The FA Pitch Improvement Programme

Both companies have agreed a partnering schedule of rates with The FA to support the programme.

These rates will be made available to all CFA’s FA affiliated clubs and leagues (not Premier League or Football League), and not solely to those clubs/organisations receiving a PIP visit and report.

To receive further information regarding either of these partnerships, please contact Jodie Allard.