Football Stadia Improvement Fund

Football Stadia Improvement Fund


The Football Stadia Improvement Fund (FSIF) provides money for clubs in the Football League and the National League System down to Step 7 and below (all adult leagues) who want to improve their facilities.

Grant Ceiling
Grants are available to all member clubs of the Football League and National League System pyramid. Current grant ceilings are:

Clubs in Step 1 - £400,000

Clubs in Steps 2, 3 and 4 - £150,000

Clubs in Steps 5 and 6 - £100,000

Clubs in Step 7 - £20,000 (but up to £50,000 for applications including changing rooms)

The percentage level of support will be decided on merit. Clubs are eligible for the appropriate grant ceiling level of funding relative to their league status. The grant ceiling applies to the step the application is playing at when submitting a grant request, regardless of subsequent relegation or promotion.

Women’s Football Facilities Grant Policy:
FISF funding is available to clubs competing in the Women’s Pyramid of Football as of season 2005/2006

Women’s clubs holding freehold of the site are eligible for the equivalent ceiling grant to the Men’s pyramid. ie a Women’s club at Step 1 would be eligible for up to £400,000, those at Steps 2, 3 & 4 for £150,000 etc

Women’s clubs who share a ground are eligible for a ceiling grant of £20,000, subject to a ten-year minimum security of tenure, for works in connection with the women’s game i.e. change in shower layout, provision of toilets etc

Suffolk FA Support Process
Step 1
Contact Matt Stebbings, the Suffolk FA Football Development Manager, to discuss your project to gain advice.

Step 2
We will then arrange to visit the site and co-ordinate a meeting with your league and FSIF regional technical adviser.

Click here to visit the FSIF website for more information.


 Get in Touch

Matt Stebbings - Suffolk FA Football Development Manager

01449 616606 (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm) / 07432 735961



To be eligible for FSIF funding a club must be a member of the English League system

Each grant application for work required to meet the standards imposed by the recent introduction of the Football Association’s Ground Grading policy will be treated on its merits.

Grant aid will be available towards projects necessitated as a result of meeting membership criteria following a club’s promotion to the next level of competition.

Grant applications for projects wishing to achieve membership criteria of a club’s current league status will each be treated on its merits

Any club which does not own a form of security of tenure for the site of the proposed development in the form of owning the freehold or having a minimum of 10 years unexpired period of lease. Licence agreements will be considered on their merits.