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What is Easyfundraising?

We’ve teamed-up with easyfundraising, a free fundraising stream that can help your club or team raise free cashback donations, simply by shopping online.

Thousands of clubs and teams just like yours are using the website to top-up their funds and have already collected over £500,000 to date!


How does easyfundraising work?

Raise free donations when staff, players and supporters use the easyfundraising website to shop online with over 3,600 big-brand retailers such as Amazon, eBay, Just Eat, Groupon, Booking.com Argos, Next, Halfords & Sports Direct.

Every time you, staff, players and supporters shop using the site – your club or team will receive free cashback. It doesn’t cost anyone anything extra to shop this way, it’s completely free

Leagues & Clubs - Finance - Easyfundraising - 3 Steps

1 JOIN: Register your club with easyfundraising and say how you want to receive your donations - by cheque or bank transfer


2 SHOP: Ask club members, coaches and players to use the easyfundraising site every time they want to shop online


3 RAISE: Whenever your supporters’ shop, the retailer sends your club FREE donations



Clubs and teams like yours are already seeing the benefits of shopping online.

Take advantage of this fast and free fundraising opportunity for YOUR club or team, register now. 

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