AFC Kesgrave - Junior Cup winners 2022-23

Junior Cup

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Current Holders: AFC Kesgrave

The Junior Cup has been in existence since the 1889-90 season.

However, in 1907 there was a split in the way football was run in the county.

The existing Suffolk County FA, who owned the Junior Cup, voted to affiliate to the Amateur Football Association. Consequently, a second Suffolk County FA was formed that was affiliated to the Football Association.

The FA presented a trophy to the new Suffolk County FA for their Junior Cup competition.

This meant that there were two Junior Cup competitions for several seasons.

In 1913 the FA and AFA  resolved their differences, but the outbreak of the First World War meant that the local situation could not be resolved at that time.

The Junior Cup was not played for again until the 1919-20 season by which time only one Suffolk County FA existed, affiliated to the FA.

The original Junior Cup was still with the people who ran the AFA affiliated Suffolk County FA, but an agreement was reached and they handed it over after the 1919-20 cup final. It is therefore the original Suffolk Junior Cup trophy that is played for today.

So the 1919-20 season was the only season in which the FA presented Junior Cup was the only Junior Cup that was played for.

The FA presented Junior Cup was given to the Suffolk Schools' FA for one of their cup competitions and so is no longer owned by Suffolk FA.

The cup is contested by adult Saturday Junior clubs who play at a higher level than those competing in the Primary Cup.

The 2019-20 final was played early during the following season due to the coronavirus pandemic which forced the country into lockdown for three months.



Round Dates

Round Date
1st Round to 30/09/23 Results
2nd Round 11/11/23 Results
3rd Round 25/11/23 Results
Quarter-Final 10/02/24 Results
Semi-Final 15/03/24 to 16/03/24 Results
Final 20/05/24 Result

KEY contacts

 Adrian Moye - Suffolk FA County Cup Competitions Manager

Tel: 07702 240122


Ian Smillie - Referees’ Appointments Officer – Saturday Adults

Tel: 07885 298363