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The Suffolk FA Board currently comprises:

Board of Directors' Roles

Phil Lawler – Facilities

Nigel Johnson – Finance

Bruce Badcock – Adult Football, County Cups & Football Services

Geraldine Day – Board Safeguarding Champion & Youth Football

Julie Mulcahy – Governance & Human Resources

Kit Morrison – Risk Management, Inclusion & Equality

Amy Grantham – Marketing & Public Relations

MemBers of Staff & Contact Details

Tel: 01449 616606 / 07903 842747, email: richard.neal@suffolkfa.com

Senior Safeguarding Lead, Strategy, Governance, Culture, Financial oversight, Performance management, Brokering new partnerships, Business planning & development, Procurement of services, Health & Safety, HR

Tel: 01449 616606 / 07572 107791, email: darryn.marsh@suffolkfa.com

Designated Safeguarding Officer, Discipline, Affiliations, League sanctioning, Representative teams, Management of FA systems, CRC verifications

Tel: 01449 616606 / 07432 735961, email: jodie.allard@suffolkfa.com

Adult leagues & clubs, Facility development, Love Football Live Football campaign, Lead for RESPECT, Grassroots Festival, Development and delivery of the Suffolk FA Development Strategy, Suffolk FA Small Grants Scheme, Silent Weekend


Tel: 01449 616606, email: julie.cole@suffolkfa.com

Financial management, Sage accounting & auditing, Benevolent Fund, Payments and invoicing

Tel: 07702 240122, email: adrian.moye@suffolkfa.com

Management of the Suffolk FA County Cups

Tel: 01449 616606 / 07508 838181, email: nick.garnham@suffolkfa.com

Website lead, Maintenance and development of media links, Social media lead, Suffolk FA Awards, Sponsorship, Groundsman of the Year 

 Tel: 01449 616606, email Lily.chiang@suffolkfa.com

Website maintenance, social media, video and photographic production

Tel: 01449 616606 / 07432 735986, email: rebecca.bolton@suffolkfa.com

Female game development, GDC, ACC, Girls’ & Women’s leagues, Female 4v4 Festivals, SSE Wildcats Centres

Tel: 01449 616606 / 07432 735985, email: kirsty.smith@suffolkfa.com

Enhancing opportunities for people with a disability, Disability talent pathway, Rainbow Laces


Tel: 01449 616606 / 07976 957094, email: james.morley@suffolkfa.com

Deputy Safeguarding Officer, Youth leagues & clubs, Football Futures, 4v4 Festivals, Premier League Primary Stars, Charter Standard lead, Youth Conference, Suffolk Schools’ County Football Association development, County Cups administration, CRC verification

Tel: 01449 616606, email: ruth.ward@suffolkfa.com

Suffolk FA Learning administration, Suffolk County Schools’ Football Association administration, Youth Council and Football Futures administration, Website Maintenance, Room bookings at Suffolk FA HQ, Event support

Tel: 01449 616606, email: phillip.barber@suffolkfa.com

 Discipline, Whole Game System

Tel: 01449 616606 / 07890 587228, email: alan.dale@suffolkfa.com

Overview and implementation of strategies for Referee Recruitment and Referee Retention, Support and enhance Referee Development Opportunities and Pathways including Youth Referee Academy, Promotion Scheme and Transition Group    


Tel: 01449 616606 / 07890 587247, email: ian.atkins@suffolkfa.com

Deputy Safeguarding Officer, Support implementation of strategies for Referee Recruitment and Referee Retention, Recruitment and Retention of Level T referees through strategic appointments, Support Referee Development opportunities. Verify CRC documents

Tel: 01449 616606 / 07432 581341, email: melissa.stickland@suffolkfa.com

Discipline, Whole Game System, Appoint Referees to Youth Football across the county

Tel: 07885 298363, email: ian.smillie@suffolkfa.com

Appoint and Re-Appoint Match Officials to Saturday County Cup Competitions and U18 Midweek Cup

Tel: 07711 145420, email: graham.apperley@suffolkfa.com

Appoint and Re-Appoint Match Officials to Sunday County Cup Competitions & County Women’s Football


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