Match Officials Reports

In order to fulfil his or her duties, each match official must make an official report of any disciplinary issues at matches they officiate.


Whenever a referee cautions or dismisses a player from the field of play or is reporting other forms of misconduct, they are required to complete a report of the incident or incidents. The reports must be submitted within two days of the match (Sunday not included).

Many referees will have registered online this season via the Whole Game Portal and will have seen a tab entitled, ‘Referee Administration’.

One of the tasks you can do under this tab is report any misconduct from matches.

Click here for a useful guide on Misconduct Report writing

Misconduct reports should now be submitted via the Whole Game Portal rather than via emails and this applies whether or not you registered online. 

The benefits of this are that it is simpler than email/posting misconduct reports, you do not have to worry which County the club is registered with and the reports are processed more efficiently by the County FA.

To help you understand the process there is a guide entitled, ‘Referee Reporting’, which shows a simple step-by-step approach in a video plus a Guidance Manual and Frequently Asked Questions, including screen shots of how you submit your reports.

Click here to view this information.

In order to log in to the Whole Game Portal you will require your FAN number or email address as recorded in the FA database and your password.

Referees wishing to register or submit their reports should click on the Whole Game System Logo below

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If you have forgotten your password you can go through the password reset process by clicking on the ‘Have you forgotten your password?’ link.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Suffolk FA Youth Referee Appointments Officer Ian Atkins on 01449 776384 or email 

If you have any questions relating to the misconduct reports themselves please continue to contact the Football Services Team at Suffolk FA - either Darryn Marsh on 01449 776383 or email or Jourdan Kiwomya on 01449 776318 or email

Assistant Referees

Neutral Assistant Referees are required to, where the referee has dismissed a player from the field of play or is reporting other forms of misconduct, prepare and submit a report in a similar fashion as the match referee. A record should be kept of cautions issued in case the Association requires the assistant referee to submit a report.