Ways to Play Walking Football

Walking Football

Walking Football is a slower-paced version of the Beautiful Game primarily aimed at the Over-50s.

Walking Football is designed to help people keep an active lifestyle irrespective of their age, as well as getting those back playing football who perhaps had to stop due to injuries.

Rules / Guidelines

• Players are prohibited from sprinting, running or jogging while the ball is in play

• Anyone doing so is penalised with a free-kick awarded to the other team

• No slide tackles are allowed

• Played with a size 4 Futsal ball (if available) indoors or use a traditional ball outdoors

• If the ball goes off the pitch over the touchline, the game is restarted via a kick, roll or throw-in (to allow for different physical capabilities) Note: It is strongly recommended to use a roll or kick in for indoor facilities

• It can be played indoors or outdoors depending on weather and available facilities

Variations and game adaptations can be made to suit participants’ needs and capabilities.

Play the game you love but reduce the chances of injury. It's a great way to keep fit, learn skills, have fun and socialise all at the same time!

Below is a list of the locations, days and times that Walking Football is currently taking place in Suffolk along with names of contacts for each venue in the county. There is also a Walking Football Toolkit below to help you get started.

 Get in Touch

Darren Scoulding - Senior Football Development Officer

01449 616606 (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm) / 07432 735984


Where can i play Walking football in suffolk?

 Currently not running - Tuesdays 2pm-3pm, Fridays 10am-11am, Sundays 10am-11am


Every Sunday 11am-12noon.

Contact Jonathan Blankley 07523 034244 or jonblankley@btinternet.com

Wednesdays 7pm-8pm.

Contact Gary Rampley 07716 188800.


Wednesdays 5.15pm-6.15pm.

Contact Charlie Potter 07950 891299 or charlie.potter@acleisure.com

Two weekly sessions:

Mondays 7pm-8pm at  and Thursdays 8pm-9pm at Skyliner Sports Centre (Moreton Hall Estate, IP32 7QB).

Contact Darren Brown 07772 781404 or darren.brown@sporting87.co.uk

Monday, 7pm-8pm

Contact: Martyn 07572 020712

Thursdays, 6.30pm-7.30pm.

Contact Sam Barton 01394 270278.

Mondays 6pm-7pm

Contact Mike Openshaw at Hadleigh High Leisure Centre on 01473 823470 or email hadleighhigh@ssleisure.co.uk

Fridays 6pm-7pm.

Contact Sophie Grey 01440 701237 or sophiegrey@thenewcroft.co.uk

Tuesdays 7-8pm.

Contact Richard Fenn 07802 722341 or ipswichphoenix@hotmail.co.uk

Thursdays, 3pm-4pm.

 Contact Mike McCarthy on 01473 345350 or via mike@activlives.org.uk before attending this session.

Fridays, 2pm-3.30pm.

Contact Mike McCarthy on 01473 345350 or via mike@activlives.org.uk before attending this session.

Tuesdays 7pm - 8pm and 8pm - 9pm.

Contact Noel Wilson 07846 241518.

Wednesdays, 3pm-4pm.

Contact Barrie Atkins 01502 513549 or email the club via their website www.kproyalsfc.co.uk

Monday 8-9pm.

Contact Charlie Potter 07950 891299 or via keepactive@acleisure.com

Mondays 7pm-8pm and Wednesdays 8pm-9pm.

Contact Laura Worsley 07801 532059


Mondays 6pm-7pm, Tuesdays 2pm-3pm and Fridays 2pm-3pm.

Contact Craig Power 01787 376213

Mondays, 8pm-9pm, Tuesdays 2pm-3pm and Thursdays 2pm-3pm.

Contact Mike Powles 07971 613933

How to get Involved

We have created a guide to help those looking to set-up a new adult football team. The guide includes helpful information from setting up the team to increasing awareness; so should you be setting up a team in a brand new club or if you are an established club introducing a new adult team we hope you find the guide of use.

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