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Local Football Facility Plans

Identifying priority facility projects in Suffolk

“Football facilities have the power to strengthen local communities and improve the lives of people who play on them.”

That is why the Suffolk FA are working with key local stakeholders to develop a Local Football Facility Plan (LFFP) to transform the grassroots football facilities in Suffolk.

Suffolk FA have worked with every Local Authority in the county to develop a Local Football Facility Plan (LFFP), enabling investment in community facilities to be accurately targeted by need, over the next 10 years.

Detailed consultation has taken place to shape the content of these plans with local clubs with 10+ teams, local authorities, Sport England, Active Suffolk, the Football Foundation and Ipswich Town Community Trust.

LFFPs will direct over 90% of investment being allocated by the Football Foundation each year, on top of what we have already invested to date.

LFFP’s will now, in effect, be the ‘go-to’ document for football capital investment in your area.  In order to ensure that this is as effective and impactful as possible we would stress the need to maintain positive relations with local football stakeholders; the Football Foundation and Suffolk FA.

 We will be looking to work collaboratively with you and your colleagues to deliver local priority projects identified within these plans.

It’s important to note that being cited in the LFFP does not automatically guarantee the success of a project’s future funding application. Each project must still follow the relevant application process and demonstrate delivery of key participation outcomes.

The facilities in which we invest in must be of good quality, be sustainable and attract sufficient, suitable match-funding.

 When your project is  in a position to proceed, the Football Foundation will determine a suitable timeframe in which to submit a grant application and support will be provided during this process.

Playing a part in supporting and delivering your LFFP presents the opportunity to transform the local football facilities and strengthen communities where you live through football.

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frequently asked questions

Every local area in the country will have a LFFP to enable investment in football facilities to be accurately targeted.

The Football Association, the Premier League and Sport England (on behalf of Government). This partnership finances the National Football Facility Strategy (NFFS) and commissions the Football Foundation to deliver it.

In summary, the LFFP identifies opportunities to accurately target investment in football facilities across the local area.The national funding partners have significantly increased investment to accelerate efforts to deliver more and better football facilities for the grassroots game and this plan proposes a programme of priority projects for potential investment that will transform local football facilities, including 3G FTPs, improved grass pitches, changing rooms pavilions/clubhouses and small-sided facilities.This LFFP will be the go-to document for football facility investment in each local authority area.However, it does not guarantee the success of future funding applications; each of the priority projects identified will still have to follow an application process to show how it will deliver key participation outcomes, be a quality & sustainable facility and demonstrate suitable match-funding.

£1.3billion has been spent by football and Government since 2000 to enhance existing football facilities and build new ones. However, more is needed if football and Government’s shared objectives for participation, individual well-being and community cohesion are to be achieved. Nationally, direct investment will be increased – initially to £69 million per annum from football and Government (a 15% increase on recent years). Locally, the work has already started - these LFFPs will guide the allocation of 90% of national funds and forge stronger partnerships with local stakeholders to develop key sites. This, together with local match-funding will deliver over one billion pounds of investment into football facilities over the next 10-years.

LFFPs, with guidance from local partners, will developed a list of high-level projects for potential investment. Each is aligned to the investment priorities set out in the National Football Facilities Strategy, which include:

  • 1,000 new 3G football turf pitches (FTPs): in a mix of sizes and settings, dependent upon local needs. All aimed at enhancing the quality of the playing experience.
  • 20,000 improved natural-turf pitches: to help address drop-off due to a poor playing experience.
  • 1,000 new changing pavilions / clubhouses: all linked to priority sites.
  • Small-sided facilities: to grow the small-sided game for teams & leagues, recreational and informal play.