British Sugar sponsorship June 2020

Grounds Support Programme

Sponsored by British Sugar TOPSOIL

THE Suffolk FA Grounds Support Programme was established for the 2020-21 season.

The programme is again being sponsored for the 2021-22 season by British Sugar TOPSOIL.

Through the partnership British Sugar TOPSOIL are offering Suffolk clubs 10 per cent off their Sports&Turf topdressing product.

Two British Sugar TOPSOIL Suffolk FA Grounds Support Programme CPD workshops will be held during the season, in partnership with the Grounds Management Association, with British Sugar TOPSOIL invited to attend as key speakers.

Clubs will be offered the chance for a British Sugar representative to attend their first Pitch Improvement Programme report meeting, alongside the Grounds Management Association.

Below is a document aimed at helping clubs to understand 'What is top dressing?' and also recommended dressings for sports pitches.

For further information about the programme, please contact Suffolk FA Football Development Manager Matt Stebbings.

Click below to see how you can use specialist soil dressing Sports10 to renovate a goalmouth.

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 Get in Touch

Matt Stebbings - Suffolk FA Football Development Manager

01449 616606 (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm) / 07432 735961


British Sugar TOPSOIL celebrated the launch of its TOPSOIL Academy in February 2022 with a training bursary.

The wealth of technical, scientific, regulatory and storage/handling information on soils that British Sugar TOPSOIL has developed and made freely available via its website has now been ordered and consolidated under the new TOPSOIL Academy tab.

And to celebrate the launch of this comprehensive learning resource, TOPSOIL will award a training bursary of £500 to one successful applicant working in any of the following areas:         

  • Groundworks/Construction
  • Landscape contracting
  • Greenkeeping
  • Groundsmanship
  • Garden design
See how to apply via the documents below.