Football Debt Recovery

Suffolk Clubs are reminded of FA Football Debt Recovery Rules that are in place to protect them against being left with unpaid debts from players.

It has become accepted in previous years that clubs allow players to accumulate debt throughout the season and collect monies owed at the end of the season; this is now considered poor practice.

The FA's Football Debt Recovery Rules are strict on timescales for this process to take place. Following these guidelines will allow the club to come to the county FA for assistance.

As a county FA we are unable to deal with any case of bad debt which does not conform with this criteria, we therefore urge all clubs to familiarise themselves with these regulations and adopt good practice by collecting money due from players on a regular basis.

A fuller explanation of the Football Debt Recovery process is outlined in the first document below.

If a player does not pay his/her club after payment is requested, Suffolk FA have put together some template letters that can be used as an aid to your club.

Appendix 1 is a formal letter that a club should send to their player/s if the debt is not settled immediately, it clearly states a date that the debt should be paid by and informs that failure to comply will result in the matter being passed to Suffolk FA who may impose a ‘suspension until paid’ against individuals.

Appendix 2 should be used to report to Suffolk FA any player who has failed to pay following the formal letter, this must be within 28 days of the formal letter (appendix 1) being sent and 112 days of the debt being incurred.

The forms can be downloaded from the documents section below.

Anyone with any queries regarding this process should contact our Football Services team via

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