FA Skills Programme

The Football Association and launched The FA Skills Programme in June 2007. Easter Holiday Sessions in Suffolk were subsequently added.

After several successful years, during which time 1.7 million youngsters received coaching, the programme was has received further funding for another four years.

The programme has been expanded so that there are now 106 specialist skills coaches delivering age appropriate practices nationally, with the focus on raising technical standards in children aged 5-11 years old, whilst also encouraging more active and healthy lifestyles.

The four full-time Skills Coaches working in Suffolk operate in a variety of areas to try and achieve this aim, working with schools and Charter Standard clubs, as well as within holiday courses and FA Skills Centres, all to improve your skills!

If you're a coach working in the delivery of football sessions you'll find some practical ideas from our Skills Coaches on how, why and what to cover during your sessions for 5-11 year olds.

Contact Information for the FA Skills Team

Andy Reynolds FA Skills Team Leader (Suffolk/Norfolk)  - 07943 150381 - andy.reynolds@thefa.com

Matthew Potter (High Suffolk) - 07943 842491 - matthew.potter@thefa.com

Rosi Webb (Ipswich) - 07943 530281 - rosi.webb@thefa.com

Sarah Fulcher-Arnold (West Suffolk) - 07943 550656 sarah.fulcher-arnold@thefa.com

To book please visit www.thefa.com/faskills




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