The New Coaching Pathway And You

SUFFOLK FA’s Coach Education Programme provides a solid base of courses and workshops for anyone looking to gain an insight into football coaching, gain qualifications and improve themselves and their players.

This page will give you an insight into the courses we can offer, a suggested pathway for coaches, as well as more bespoke information with regards to how many of each course Suffolk FA is likely to run across the county.

Below is also the suggested pathway that Suffolk FA believe coaches should take in order to make best use of the courses and their own personal development.

Effective from August 1st 2016, FA Education’s coaching pathway has undergone a change. This document has been put together for you to try and make the transition as smooth as possible.

If you are unsure on anything please contact Suffolk FA on 01449 616606 or via email


Where do I fit into the new Pathway?

I have never taken a coaching qualification before

You will start with The FA Level 1 in Coaching Football.

I am a current Level 1 Coach

You will need to complete all 3 Units of the Level 2 in Coaching.

I am a current Level 1 with the Youth Module 1

You will need to complete block 2 – ‘how we support’ and the future player’, and block 3 ‘how we play’ in order to become a Level 2 coach.

I am a current Level 1 coach, with both Youth Module 1 & Youth Module 2

You will need to complete block 3 ‘how we play’ in order to become a Level 2 coach.

I am a current Level 2 with no Youth Module qualifications

You have two options depending on your circumstances:

-          You can complete block 1 – ‘how we coach’ block 2 – ‘how we support’ and the future player’, and block 3 ‘how we play’. This covers what was previously in the Youth Module 1 & 2.

-          Apply for the new UEFA ‘B’ course.

Please note you will NOT be able to enrol on any course you are not eligible to do (e.g. Unit 1 coach will not be able to enrol on a Unit 3).


I want to attend Unit 1 & 2 with you, but then Unit 3 with another county FA, is this possible?

Yes, you will be able to complete all units with which ever county(s) you wish.


Why have the Youth Module gone?

The FA Youth Modules have always received a high level of positive feedback from learners, yet the take up rates are lower than the core coaching qualifications. From the findings it was decided that the principles of The FA Youth Award Modules should be incorporated into the new core coaching qualifications to ensure all coaches have access to these principles and understand how to apply them to the environment in which they coach.

Can I pay for all 3 blocks at one venue in one?

No, please enrol on each unit separately. They are all treated as different courses in terms of admin. Please note you will not be able to see the next block until you’ve completed the previous one.


How long do I have to complete the course?

You will have 3 years from your initial start date to complete the course/block.


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