Coaching Course FAQ

THE following are questions frequently asked about our Coaching Courses.

    1.    The course is full, can you squeeze me on?
Unfortunately the maximum numbers are set by The FA, not our selves. They are put in place to ensure that the candidates enrolled are allowed to make the most of their time with the tutor and their peers on the course. To find out the maximum and minimum numbers, please look at our course terms and conditions.


    2.    What is a FAN? Do I have one?

A FAN (FA Number) is a unique number, which will have your personal details, your FA Qualifications and any disciplinary issues. You can generate one by going to once you have a FAN, you can enrol on the courses on our website.


    3.    Am I Charter Standard/What is it?
Charter Standard is a mark of recognition for clubs who meet certain FA criteria within their club. If you are unsure if your club is a Charter Standard Club, please ask your club secretary.


    4.     I’m with a Charter Standard Club in another county, do I qualify for the reduced rate?
Unfortunately not, no. The discount only applies to clubs who are affiliated to Suffolk. You will pay the ‘Out of County’ rate.


    5.    I’m really keen to get on a full course, what’s the likelihood of someone dropping out?
This is very difficult to answer. Each course if different, with different candidates. Each candidate enrolled will receive a reminder 2 weeks before the course starts; this is the most likely time that someone will drop out. If someone does, we will inform those in the waiting list based on when they enquired, if no one on that list takes it, we will open it up to the public.


    6.     Is there any funding for Students/Overseas/etc.
We have tailored our course calendar to make it as affordable as possible. Unfortunately we don’t have access to funding to fund individuals.


    7.    I want to run my own course, is this possible?
Please email details of the course you would like to run to along with your contact details and we will get back to you.


    8.    Can I reserve a space and pay later?
All spaces must be paid for at the time of booking.

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