Misconduct Reporting

In order to fulfil his or her duties, each match official must make an official report of any disciplinary issues at matches they officiate.


Whenever a referee cautions or dismisses a player from the field of play or is reporting other forms of misconduct, they are required to complete a report of the incident or incidents. The reports must be submitted within two days of the match (Sunday not included). The report can be submitted electronically to discipline@suffolkfa.com. You will receive an automatic acknowledgement which you will need to retain as proof or sending. Alternatively, the report can be sent by first class mail to the county office.

Assistant Referees

Neutral Assistant Referees are required to, where the referee has dismissed a player from the field of play or is reporting other forms of misconduct, prepare and submit a report in a similar fashion as the match referee. A record should be kept of cautions issued in case the Association requires the assistant referee to submit a report.

Misconduct reporting

It is vital that when match officials report misconduct, you submit the forms for processing.

Not doing so causes significant delays to the disciplinary process and creates additional work for those involved by having to advise where reports should be sent to.

Therefore, it is essential that when officiating in a match, you are aware of where to send both participating teams' disciplinary reports. If you are in any doubt then please refer to Suffolk FA.

A guide to writing misconduct reports can be downloaded below.