Football is played under The Laws of Association Football as laid down by the International Board of the Federation of International Football. If these laws are broken by those playing the game then there are discipline rules that must be applied by referees and administrators.

Football is a very emotive game and people’s passions are aroused. It is therefore necessary for referees to enforce the laws and see they are adhered to.

Players and coaches have a duty to see the game is played in the right spirit otherwise they will fall foul of the disciplinary punishments as laid down by The Football Association.

You can read the FA Disciplinary Sanctions Guidelines document at the foot of this page.


The FA Discipline Handbook for the 2017-18 season

The FA Discipline Handbook provides answers to many discipline related questions those involved in the game across our county may have including implications of yellow cards, red cards and misconduct charges. 

The handbook should be a club secretary or player’s first port of call for discipline enquiries after which they should contact our office if they need further clarification.

Click here to access The FA Discipline Handbook

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