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Silent Weekend

Creating positive match-day environments

Suffolk FA first organised a Silent Weekend in 2015.

The idea behind the weekend is to create positive match-day environments by giving players the chance to show their flair and passion for the game, without direct instruction from coaches, managers and parents.

Managers, coaches and parents are only meant to applaud and encourage, allowing players to make their own decisions.

The weekend is staged in the county each February, and more than 600 teams across the county took part in the inaugural event which attracted widespread media interest.

Around 500 teams from around Suffolk participated in the 2016 event.

The weekend was hailed as a ‘brilliant initiative’ by Nick Robinson, the FA Rules and Sanctions Committee Chairman, who visited Sporting 87 FC in Bury St Edmunds.

The 2017 edition saw almost 550 teams take part.


The 2018 edition is now on the horizon, if you want to get involved this year, please click the link below;

Please click here

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